Success Stories

How Has New Thought Helped You (and Others You Know) Awaken to Spirit, Realize More of Your Potential and Learn How to Enjoy A Healthier, Happier, Richer and More Meaningful Life?

Have You (Or Someone You Know) Written A Book, Created A Program Or Have A Story To Share That Could Help People Discover and Apply New Thought Principles and Practices?

We are presently seeking volunteers to help us collect stories and resources to share in a Special New Thought edition of the Ultimate Destiny Success System and in a new publication, New Thought 101 Resources. Members of our “New Thought Research and Development Team” will be given free review copies of all of the components of the UDSS.

Who Else Would Like to Enjoy Thousands of Dollars Worth of Free Resources for Empowerment and Enlightenment While Helping Create and Share Programs To Help People Discover the “Real Secret” of New Thought!

In addition, we will provide members free access to thousands of dollars worth of valuable information and resources on empowerment, enlightenment, leadership, transformation, etc. Many of these resources have been produced by world-class authors and trainers such as Mark Victor Hansen, Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, Deepak Chopra, Brian Tracy, Jim Rohn, Earl Nightingale, Paul J. Meyer, Barbara Marx Hubbard, Jean Houston, etc.

When we have collected enough resources and stories of how New Thought has helped individuals enjoy success in one or more of the 14 areas, we will publish a special edition of the Ultimate Destiny Success System. This new edition of the UDSS will be made available to any interested New Thought Center as an introductory publication they may share with members (and potential members) on a love offering basis with 50% to 100% of any revenue generated from the sale of the UDSS donated back to the Center by Ultimate Destiny.

New Thought 101 — Resources for Helping Millions of People Discover How To Apply the Spiritual Principles and Practices for Successful Living Known As New Thought

New Thought 101 Resources will feature as many of the available resources as we can identify that can help people learn how to apply the principles and practices for spiritually-based successful living known as New Thought. Our goal is to have the first daft of the electronic version ready to share at the United Centers for Spiritual Living Community Gathering in Anaheim, CA on February 16 to 19.

New Thought 101 Resources will include the 24 specific proposals presented on this web site and components of an earlier presentation on 101 Ways To Transform Your Church Into A Community Resource Center that was shared at a Focus on Fundraising Conference for the Association of Unity Churches.

In addition, New Thought 101 Resources will include a listing of New Thought books, audio and video programs, seminars and workshops and other available resources for helping introduce 100 million people to New Thought.

Please use the Comment function or Contact Form below to share your story of how New Thought has helped you or someone you know and Thank You!


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