Providing Vehicles for Attracting and Allocating Equity Capital

“Money follows vision. Big money follows big visions” Unknown

In addition to the new non-profit membership organization we are proposing, we are suggesting that one or more companies be created to provide equity capital to help accomplish the goal of introducing 100 million people to New Thought.

We would invite every existing organization such as those listed as major New Thought associations to participate in co-creating the new company or companies. Seats would be made available on the advisory board for any established New Thought organization that wants to actively participate in this project.

The proposed new equity vehicle would seek financial support from members, donors, private foundation and in some instances government grants to accomplish its purpose. Investments in the equity fund could be made as loans, purchase of shares, reveneue participation agreements or Program Related Investments.

Individuals or organizations with programs, products or services that would support the New Thought demonstration project would be able to submit applications for funding from the new company. Of course, there would be formal application and evaluation and loan management procedures developed and implemented before any funds would be advanced.

The management team of Ultimate Destiny University has generated a couple of million dollars of equity capital for affiliated companies.
It is our intention that this project will attract other far more qualified financial experts within or at least supportive of the New Thought community. If you are such an individual, or you know of one, please contact us or use the Comment feature to le us know.

Thank you!

Our vision includes the attraction and stewardship of a multi-million dollar equity fund to help ensure the ultimate success of this New Thought demonstration project. We anticipate that procedures would be established for any individual or organization to submit an application for funding from the new equity fund program for projects that support its mission.

Please use the Comment function to share your feedback and suggestions.


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