Providing Mentoring and Consulting Services in Publishing, Internet Marketing, etc

Over the past three decades, some of the participants in this New Thought demonstration project have invested thousands of hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars obtaining and facilitating training in various development fields.

We have developed and delivered hundreds of training programs on successful living skills such as the Five Success Skills identified by Paul J. Meyer the leading self-improvement author of all time:

Positive Mental Attitude
Goal Oriented
Time Management
Money management

We have developed dozens of additional Ultimate Destiny University Successful Living Skills and we have brainstormed and asked workshop participants to answer the question:

“What are the Mega Success Skills for the Third Millennium?”

The purpose of this page is to provide access to resources for coaching, mentoring and training in these Mega Successful Living Skills for the Third Millennium including some of the top answers to our question above:

Cocreative Visioning and Strategic Planning

Ability to articulate a vision (speaking)

Self-publishing and electronic publishing

Internet marketing

Developing joint ventures and strategic marketing alliances

If you have an interest, skills, expertise and or resources that would help us be able to provide coaching, mentoring and consulting services in publishing, leadership, management, marketing, Internet marketing or other essential skills, please contact us. You may also use the Comment function below tyo share your feedback and recommendations. Thank you.

Here is another great Mega Success Skills Training Resource from Brendon Burchard.

Have you ever wanted to get your book, product, event, tour, cause or dream sponsored and promoted by major companies and leading nonprofits at zero cost to you? If so, you have to hear about my friend Brendon Burchard’s sponsorship and partnership strategies.

For the first time open to the general public, Brendon will be revealing the same… step-by-step system he’s used to close partnerships with Wal-Mart, Toyota, US Bank, Wachovia, Sony Pictures, other Fortune 500 companies and leading global non-profits organizations …and how you can do the same thing to grow your business and instantly reach millions of people.

Brendon’s Partnership and Sponsorship Seminar teaches authors, speakers, coaches, seminar leaders, and infopreneurs …how to get your books, products, events, causes or dreams sponsored and promoted by major Fortune 500 companies and nonprofit organizations. It’s awesome. The Partnership and Sponsorship Seminar is May 15-17th in San Francisco.


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