Providing Cooperative Printing and Publishing Resources

Some of the best and most cost effective ways of introducing people to New Thought are publishing, printing and distributing books, e-books, and multi-media programs. What is envisioned for this proposed initiative is the establishment of an organizational vehicle to help facilitate publishing and marketing New Thought Resources.

The concept is similar to a Writers, Producers Collaborative established by participant in this project in Sedona. There are hundreds of authors, producers and potential self-publishers in the New Thought world. Many of them would benefit from having access to resources that help them publish, print, market, promote, distribute and repurpose their content.

As a result, they and the New Thought community will enjoy the greatest possible return on their investment of time, energy and money. The purpose of the collaborative is to gather and share access to resources for writing, publishing, producing, marketing and distributing books, audio video programs, seminars and workshops, etc.

Some of the featured resources would include: Mark Victor Hansen’s Mega Book Marketing University and his annual Mega Speaker Training; Rick Frisman’s periodic Author 101 University; Ariel Ford’s Everything You Should Know About Publishing, Publicity, Promotion and Building A Platform; David Riklan’s Training on Creating and Marketing E-books; Tom Bird’s training, Internet Marketing Explained and the Big Seminar with Armand Morin, and many other top trainers and coaches in these essential “successful living skills” for the 21st Century.

At the first meeting to explore the proposed collaborative in Sedona, 8 people attended and all of them agreed that the concept had merit. As a result, one of the participants who had written a book but needed to have access to a computer to reformat it was loaned a laptop computer by Ultimate Destiny University.

In addition, another member agreed to help her publish her book electronically to help raise funds for a cultural and heritage awareness museum based on the book which tells the story of a Native American child growing up.

Several of the participants in this New Thought project have expertise in publishing, printing, marketing and distributing books. The concept is that we would attract many others with an interest and or expertise in helping cocreate a cooperative printing and publishing resource for New Thought. That could include forming a new company, an LLC, a nonprofit organization (NPO), strategic alliances with one or more existing NPO’s or companies and any combination of the above.

Please use the Comment function to share your feedback and suggestions. Thank you.


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