Providing Cooperative Multi-Media Production & Distribution Services

Some of the best and most cost effective ways of introducing people to New Thought are publishing, printing and distributing books, e-books, and multi-media programs. What is envisioned for this proposed initiative is the establishment of an organizational vehicle to help facilitate producing, marketing and distributing New Thought Resources.

The concept is similar to a Writers, Producers Collaborative established by participants in this project in Sedona. There are hundreds of film and video producers in the New Thought world. Many of them would benefit from having access to resources that help them produce, fund, market, promote, and distribute their content.

As a result, they and the New Thought community will enjoy the greatest possible return on their investment of time, energy and money. The purpose of the collaborative is to gather and share access to resources for producing, marketing and distributing films, movies, audio video programs, seminars and workshops, etc.

Some of the participants in this New Thought project have expertise or contacts with expertise in producing, marketing and or distributing multi-media products. The concept is that we would attract many others with an interest and or expertise in helping co-create a cooperative media production and distribution resource for New Thought. That could include forming a new company, an LLC, a nonprofit (NPO) organization, strategic alliances with one or more existing NPO’s or companies and any combination of the above.

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  1. One idea would be to utiize helloworld to live webcast and record Sunday service messages like is being done at the Creative Center for Spiritual Living in Escondido, CA. It looks a lot like TV

    This allows people to experience a service (or whatever a church chooses to webcast) even though they can’t come either because of schedule conflicts or because they don’t live nearby. The cost starts at only $9.95 per month and includes addtional tools that could save money for a church, and are as easy to use as sending email.

    In addition, the webcast page that viewers are watching has 2 banners on it that can be linked to an online bookstore for the church. So the church can benefit from extending its reach beyond its geographical confines and can add income at the same time. Furthermore, Ultimate Destiny University could provide such an online store AND revenue sharing for other related books in its inventory.

    These methods are very cost-effective and easy to implement strategies that support church growth and service.

    Let me know how I might be of support.

    Merl Kellogg
    CCSL Core Council

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