Establishing Demonstration Projects and Intentional Communities

“Who Else Would Like to Help Create Intentional Communities and Retreat Centers Based on New Thought Principles and Practices?”

Ultimate Destiny University and CENTER SPACE (the Center for Spiritual, Personal And Community Enlightenment) are seeking to connect with potential co-creators of one or more companies and intentional communities based on New Thought Principles.

What we envision could serve as a larger scale model for conscious sustainable living with a focus on service, stewardship and spiritual orientation (rather than religious). We have located a 900 acre property near Anza, CA that is for sale and that would make an ideal intentional community site. It has about 100 acres already developed with administrative buildings, full size gym, recreational facilities, dining hall for 350+-, and lodging for about 100.

The infrastructure is in place that could enable the site to become a sustainable intentional community off of the grid for perhaps as many as 1,000 residents. That particular site is located about half way between Palm Springs and Temecula CA.

For more information, and

Available 900 Acres Suitable for a New Thought Intentional Community

Available 900 Acres Suitable for a New Thought Intentional Community


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