Providing Templates for Business Plans, Grant Applications, Collaboration

Just about every organization, whether it is a non-profit or a company, needs access to resources and tools for managing the assets and affairs of the organization. To help enhance the growth and success of existing New Thought organizations and those new ones we intend to help you bring forth, we will make every possible effort to provide state-of-the-art resources such as templates for: business plans; marketing plans; master fundraising plans; grant applications; capital formation documents; visioning and strategic planning instruments; self-assessment tools; monitoring and evaluation procedures, etc.

There are hundreds of available organizations that provide one or more of these types of resources and the objective of this proposal is to conduct research and development to determine which ones are most appropriate, effective and in alignment with New Thought so we can make those available to anyone who shares this vision of reaching, serving and blessing many more people through New Thought.

If you happen to have skills, expertise and or resources in any of these (or other essential management and organizational development skills), please do contact us and help us accomplish our bold vision. Thank you!


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