Providing Opportunities for Co-creative Participation

This fundamental principle of of co-creative participation or what is known as “Metanoic development” is represented in many if not most of the specific proposals presented in this web site. For example, we have designed the site on an interactive wordpress blog site so anyone may participate and offer your input in shaping, evaluating, refining and implementing the specific initiatives.

The proposed new organizations such as the International Membership and Networking Organization, the New Thought Credit Union, the Equity Capital Project, etc. will all be refined, established and implemented by those individuals who come forward and accept responsibility for their manifestation.

In addition, Ultimate Destiny University is inviting New Thought Centers, Ministers, Practitioners and Licensed Teachers to accept the offer to have free access to hundreds of programs and a couple of thousand pages of workshop content covering just about every facet of living happier, healthier, wealthier and more spiritually fulfilling lives.

We also seek to stay “open at the top” as Ernest Holmes said. For example, while this initial project presents our 24 new and expanded initiatives, we are certain that there are far more significant ideas out there.

In a way, we have demonstrated The Field of Dreams. We have built it so you can come and participate as an honored co-creator and share the wisdom, inspiration and brilliance that you are.

Thank you for that!


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