Providing Central Order Fulfillment Capabilities

Most publishers provide a sliding quantity wholesale discount on books and audio video programs. The more you buy, the deeper the discount. Many small New Thought Centers either don’t have the capacity to display and sell New Thought publications or the quantity they purchase only gives them a minimal discount.

The objectives of this proposal are to help:

(1) provide greater and wider distribution of New Thought (and related publications);

(2) to enhance the ability of every New Thought Center to provide greater service to its congregants and visitors;

(3) to provide higher profits to participating New Thought Centers who order through the central order and fulfillment center and

(4) to retain as much of the distribution dollars in support of reaching more people and introducing them to New Thought.

There are already a couple of joint venture relationships along the lines of this proposal. With higher levels of participation, we could eventually become not only one of the major distributors of New Thought and related publications, we could become one of the largest publishers too, Imagine That!

This would be an excellent project for attracting funding required to implement it. If enough Centers are interested and we determine the appropriate titles to carry and at what inventory levels, the funding required to purchase books in quantity, ship them to our central order fulfillment center could be provided in several ways. For example, the funding could be made by grants, donations, equity investments in a participating company or LLC and or through revenue participation agreements.

If oyu have any interest in exploring this particular proposal, please contact us or use the Comment function to share your feedback and suggestions.

Thank you!


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