Joint Marketing Ventures and Shared Advertising

The basic components of joint ventures and shared expenses in mutually beneficial ways are briefly addressed on the pages about Creating A Strategic Marketecture, Providing Central Order Fulfillment Capabilities and Co-producing Major New Thought Oriented Programs.

The idea is for New Thought participants and Centers to think strategically about ways that collaboration and pooling resources could produce greater leverage and return on investment. For one example, many New Thought Centers advertise in New Age publications.

What if several of us got together and created a more effective and cost-efficient insert featuring all the participating Centers? Or better yet what if enough New Thought Centers and participants with programs, products and services to market pooled our resources and published our own regional, national and even international quarterly (or perhaps even) monthly magazines?

We could apply the same concepts and create our own New Thought Internet radio network, and even our own New Thought Video Network.

Another example of ways we could collaborate is known as “Best Seller Book Marketing”. This is the concept of driving books to top position on or Barnes and Noble by encouraging massive numbers of people to buy a book (or CD, DVD, etc.) on the same day by offering them bonuses worth hundreds and sometimes even thousands of dollars.

This is a great and highly effective training program that two of the Ultimate Destiny University team members have attended in preparation for offering bonuses with the 14-part, 1,000+ page Co-creating Your Ultimate Destiny Success System.

If you (or someone you now) has an e-book, an MP3, or some other product related to successful living that could be offered in mutually beneficial way to support the sale of any New Thought product, please contact us.

The big money is in media, Imagine That!

So we’re shared a couple of relatively small ideas for your consideration.

What can you envision being possible?

Please do share your amazingly brilliant insights and suggestions. . .


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