Increasing Participation in Present Centers

This page will share the results of several brainstorming sessions with new Thought Ministers. The answers to the questions we asked provide valuable insights about how New Thought Centers can be more effective in attracting new participants, and in helping meet the needs of those who do come.

Some of the best ideas are included on this web site as other specific proposals such as: Repositioning Churches as Centers; Adapting the Marketing and PR Language to Address Priority Interests and Current Events, Co-producing Major New Thought Oriented Events, etc.

One specific resource that will be made available is a presentation on 101 Ways to Transform Your Church Into A Center or Spiritual Living. This interactive presentation was shared by Rev. Arleen Schmaltz, a Unity Minister and Charles Betterton of CENTER SPACE at a Focus on Fundraising Conference for the Association of Unity Churches.

Please do share your suggestions, recommendations for ways to increase participation using the Comment function. You may also enjoy using the Creative Mindstorming Exercise and the Strategic Visioning Exercises to discern additional ways to expand our outreach and effectiveness in reaching and serving others.

These tools from Ultimate Destiny University can be found and downloaded from the page on Co-creative Visioning and Strategic Planning.

Thank you!

PS. Following is a draft document we prepared on this topic a few years ago. Maybe NOW is the Divine Time to bring forth what Spirit had us envisioning long ago . . .

Invitation To All New Thought Ministers, Practitioners and Licensed Teachers

How Could We Help You and Your Ministry?

Dear New Thought Ministers:

As New Thought Ministers, we certainly know the challenges you experience. You are there to serve the needs of your community, attract new members to your organization, and keep current members satisfied. It takes constant diligence to choose the appropriate classes, workshops and programs that will fulfill your members’ needs and keep them actively involved in supporting your church or center.

Over the past few months, several of us have been brainstorming to explore possible ways to leverage our resources through collaborative efforts. As a result, we have developed a strategic alliance with Ultimate Destiny, a company co-founded by like-hearted New Thought individuals and organizations like us. Our purpose is to help New Thought organizations meet your needs in powerful and cost-effective ways. By forming strategic alliances, we support one another in filling the needs each one has, reducing costs for programs and services, and minimizing worry.

Our question to you is: “How could a collaborative alliance best serve you at this time?”

We have created an infrastructure that may help provide solutions to the needs you have, thereby reducing your level of stress. In San Diego County, Revs. Les and Audrey Turner of the Creative Center for Spiritual Living in Escondido have provided space for workshops and special programs. Ultimate Destiny is providing their services and programs as a model Empowerment Resource Center.

What are your needs? How can we help you do the best job possible at the lowest cost, the greatest effectiveness, and without stress? We invite you to consider the many ways that an alliance with our organization could help you be the best you can possibly be. Please call us at your earliest convenience. We will explore with you the most effective ways you can take your organization to the next level of success.

Our Invitation: If you, your Church or Center would be interested in exploring ways to grow more, serve more, teach more, reach more, and prosper more abundantly, we invite you to participate. Please contact us if you resonate with our vision and would like more information. We also want to hear from anyone who has created books, tapes, seminars, workshops or other resources that might be of interest to our members.

We have been brought together to share a vision of helping millions of people awaken to their true spiritual identity, realize more of their God-given potential and fulfill their ultimate purpose. We invite you to join with us to prayerfully discern ways we might most effectively collaborate to help accomplish this vision. We also seek appropriate and effective ways of sharing New Thought with a much larger audience than has been served before.

We envision several co-creative initiatives that would allow New Thought individuals, Churches, Centers and associations to be more effective at reaching, serving and empowering more individuals. In our preliminary meetings with new Thought Ministers, we have been asking survey questions to help us design effective programs to best meet your needs. For example, we have been asking questions such as:

Why do people come to church?

What keeps them coming back?

What causes them to volunteer or participate actively?

What causes them to tithe to your church?

How do you create a powerful and effective youth program?

How do you develop leadership capacity for members and practitioners?

What topics will assist you in getting the skills you need in your church/center?

What speakers, authors, trainers would attract your members?

To help us determine the validity of both our questions and the answers we have been compiling, please take a few minutes to complete and return the Survey. Thank you for your help!

Rev. Dr. Les Turner Rev. Dr. Audrey Turner

You’re invited to participate in our co-creative project to help New Thought Individuals, Churches and Organizations Realize More of Their Full Potential.

What help could you use?

 Attract new members
 Grow congregation
 Increase income
 Motivate volunteers
 Empower leadership
 Accomplish more in less time
 Attract and empower youth
 Fulfill my ultimate vision
 Community outreach programs
 Other:_____________________________

Why do people come to church?

 Looking for solution
 Sense of belonging
 Want a healing
 Personal invitation
 Want personal growth
 Be entertained
 Be inspired
 Getting needs met
 Social / companionship
 Sense of spiritual community education
 Broken-hearted / grief
 Know their spirituality
 How to deal with life
 Be with like-minded people
 To ‘belong’
 Seeking mental & emotional solutions
 Relationships / mates
 To learn
 How to find ‘the one’
 Want kids to have a spiritual background
 Other:_____________________________

Why do people stay or come back?
 Sense of belonging
 Fellowship and Social activities
 Share their gifts, service to others
 Participation
 Acknowledgment/recognition
 Needs were met
 Pleasure, joy, play
 Spiritual counseling
 Celebrations, ceremonies
 Music
 Feeling loved, cared for accepted
 Feel connected inspired by a class
 Someone welcomed them, felt accepted, wanted
 Like the minister and/or the message
 Become a practitioner or minister
 A good youth program
 Spiritual counseling
 Other:_____________________________

Topics of Interest To Your/Your Members:
 Spiritually evolutionary experiences
 Money, prosperity, financial freedom
 Wellness, exercise
 Relationships
 Spiritual healing
 Personal growth
 Meditation
 Nutrition
 Reducing stress and anxiety
 Motivation
 Goal-setting
 Coaching, mentoring
 Creative thinking and problem solving
 Communication skills
 Leadership skills
 Self empowerment
 Youth empowerment
 Forgiveness and Anger management.
 Health and wellness, Grief recovery
Priority Youth Needs:
 Feel empowered, be in control
 Make a difference, Sense of purpose
 Feel loved
 Feel like they belong
 Connect with friends
 Safe place to share
 Self-esteem. Self-concept
 Other:_____________________________

Who will ‘draw’ big audiences?
 Wayne Dyer
 Mark V. Hansen
 Les Brown
 John Gray
 Deepak Chopra
 Suzie Orman
 Barbara Marx Hubbard
 Jean Houston
 Marianne Williamson
 Connie Podesta
 Bonnie St. John
 Bob Proctor
 Robert Allen
 Shakti Gawain
 John Maxwell
 Louise Hay
 Maria Nemeth
 Mary Manning Morrissey
 Michael Beckwith
 Barbara de Angeles
 Catherine Ponder
 Other:_______

More Information: To obtain more information, please contact Rev. Les or Rev. Audrey Turner at 760-741-0853.


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