Capitalizing on Available Public Domain Content

Repurposing content” and “republishing public domain content” are two of the hottest concepts in Internet marketing. Public domain properties are books, music and other intellectual property that are no longer covered by copyright.

Repurposing content is really as simple as transforming content from one medium into another. For example, a book can be transformed into an e-book, a series of online classes, webinars, etc.

Republishing can be as simple as putting an original cover on a public domain work and giving it a new title. An excellent example is Wallace WattlesScience of Getting Rich which has been published under perhaps dozens of different titles.

If you saw The Secret movie or read the book, much of the contents were from Wattles’ earlier and classic works. The latest application of repurposing that content is the New Science of Getting Rich program with Bob Proctor, Jack Canfield and Rev. Michael Beckwith, three of The Secret teachers.

Some examples of possible New Thought public domain content that could be repurposed and or republished include:

Creative Mind
Creative Mind and Success
Spiritual Mind Treatment
The Science of Mind
(1926 edition)

Ultimate Destiny University and CENTER SPACE (the Center for Spiritual, Personal And Community Enlightenment) have already developed special e-book editions of these 4 publications. We will be making them available on a donation basis to help support the evolution of this project.

Ultimate Destiny University is incorporating the contents of Creative Mind and Success, The Five Steps of Spiritual Mind Treatment and excerpts from the 1926 edition of The Science of Mind in its programs. They are also offering all three of those as e-books for anyone who subscribes to the free online newsletter for this New Thought Demonstration project.

There are hundreds of other classic New Thought publications that are public domain. We invite anyone who is interested in helping with this project to utilize these treasures to help introduce New Thought to millions of people to participate. Please use the comment function to share your interests, suggestions and feedback.

Thank you!


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