Strategic Marketing Matrix Enhancements

The sixteen proposed enhancements to existing programs or products initiatives each have their own page on this web site. You will find a link to them just below the link that got you to this page or you can click on the links below.

Please complete the poll below to share your feedback on which of these proposals have potential and add your own suggestions. Thank you.

Adapting Programs and Products for New Thought

Adapting Marketing and PR Materials to Address Current Events and Interests

Capitalizing on Available Public Domain Content

Co-creative Visioning and Strategic Planning

Creating a Strategic Marketecture

Increasing Participation in Present Centers

Joint Marketing Ventures and Shared Advertising

New Thought Hall of Fame Awards Program

Providing Central Order Fulfillment Capabilities

Providing Opportunities for Co-creative Participation

Providing Technical Assistance on Visioning, Promotion and Marketing

Providing Templates for Business Plans, Grant Applications, Collaboration

Publishing Stories of How New Thought Has Helped People

Repositioning Churches as Community Resource Centers

Repurposing New Thought Content

Think Tanks and Brainstorming


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