New Thought University

How would you like to help envision, design and cocreate a New Thought University based in Sedona, Arizona?

If you resonate with the vision, mission and proposals presented on this blog site, we invite you to participate at whatever level feels most appropriate for you personally. For example, you could volunteer to serve on various committees, become a member (and perhaps even help determine what level of services would be provided . . .)

You are also invited to help develop the list of historic Faculty Members whose teachings will be prominently featured and suggest books, seminars, workshops, authors, trainers, teachers, facilitators etc. that could be added as recommended resources. Please take time to explore the rest of this blog site so you will have a better comprehension of what is possible to include in the cocreative process of establishing a New Thought University and come back to this page to share your wisdom and insights.

Please use the Leave a Reply function or the Contact Form below to share your feedback, interests, suggestions and any questions. Thank you!


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