Background On This Project

When one of our partners shared an article in the Summer 2008 issue of New Thought magazine that he picked up at the International New Thought Alliance Congress, we realized we may have a rich opportunity to help people all over the world discover how they may benefit from New Thought. In the article by INTA President Rev. Cindy Lippert, she discusses why those of us in New Thought may need to re-create our message in more contemporary language in order to reach and serve many more.

Rev. Lippert referenced “Joel Osteen who has become today’s most popular television minister by taking New Thought’s practical message, adding a dash of liberalism and a measure of old-time motivational speaking and Voila! Success! “

The next Sunday morning, Rev. Kathryn McDowell was the guest minister at the Sedona Church of Religious Science. During her message, Rev. Kathryn mentioned that there are an estimated 40,000 people actively participating in New Thought at any one time. While she said that to her that was alright as the Movement cycles many more than the 40,000 number through the ongoing inflow and outflow, we were struck with an observation that has motivated our team at Ultimate Destiny University to take action.

Joel Osteen shares his version of the New Thought message live with more people on a single Sunday than the total number of people presently participating in New Thought. Then there’s another 4,000,000 to 7,000,000 who hear his message every week on TV and radio. That’s amazing . . . and to us it suggests expanded outreach possibilities!

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