Our Invitation To Help Introduce and Share New Thought!

“Who Else Wants to Help the World Discover the ‘Real Secret’ of How the Wisdom and Spiritual Principles and Practices Known as New Thought Can Help Anyone Awaken to Their True Spiritual Identity, Realize More of Their Inherent Potential and Know How to Manifest Their Ultimate Destiny?”

We invite your participation in a project that could potentially help millions of people all over the world discover the “Real Secret” of New Thought. The goal of the research and demonstration project is to create, market and distribute programs that help people discover how New Thought Principles and Practices can help them awaken to their true spiritual identity, realize more of their potential and know how to manifest their ultimate destiny.

The Ultimate Destiny University for Successful Living supports the shared vision by United Centers for Spiritual Living and International Centers for Spiritual Living to introduce New Thought to 100 million people.

We had already created what we refer to as a Strategic Marketing Matrix TM for our inspired vision of “blessing millions, earning stewardship over billions of dollars to reach and serve more millions of people and to leave a legacy that eventually produces a trillion dollars worth of positive impact”.

The adaptation below of a Strategic Marketing Matrix to help introduce 100 million people to New Thought presents our initial draft conceptualization of how that might actually be accomplished.

Strategic Marketing Matrix for Introducing 100 Million People to New Thought

Strategic Marketing Matrix for Introducing 100 Million People to New Thought

The outer row in dark blue includes mostly existing resources including organizations (such as UCSL, ICSL, AGNT, INTA, ANTN Unity, etc.) programs, products and other resources for providing information and services to individuals.

The first inner rows in green include 16 Enhancement Strategies that could provide expanded distribution of existing New Thought resources. The inner most components in gold next to the shared goal of Introducing 100 million people to New Thought in the center of the matrix present eight proposed New or Expanded Initiatives.

In the left had column of this page, you will see that there is a page for each of the 16 proposed strategies for enhancing existing programs and resources and a page for each of the 8 proposed new initiatives. You can click on those links to review more details of each of the 24 proposed new and enhanced initiatives and provide your feedback and suggestions.

You will also find the proposals listed on the two main pages for Proposed Enhancements and Proposed New and Expanded Initiatives. There is a poll on each of those pages so you can share your feedback on the potential viability of each of the 24 specific proposals, plus you can add your own suggestions. Please do participate however you are inspired to do so. Thank you.

You can also Click Here to open a full page PDF document of the Strategic Marketing Matrix.

“It has taken humanity thousands of years to learn that it has the power to control its own destiny.” — Ernest Holmes


Joel Osteen shares his version of the New Thought message live with more people on a single Sunday than the total number of people presently participating in New Thought.

Then there’s another 4,000,000 to 7,000,000 who hear his message every week on TV and radio. That’s amazing . . . and to us it suggests expanded outreach possibilities! Continue reading